1 January 2016


Thanks for the memories, 2015!
It's so important to pause and take a moment to appreciate everything you have in life. I try to do this every day just to remind myself of how much greatness I'm surrounded by. It's easy in a world of social media to compare your lives to others and feel discouraged or that your life isn't exciting. But once you stop to think about all you have and all you've accomplished, you'll start feeling really great. As the new year begins, I wanted to look back on my past year, collect and share my favourite moments.

(how perfect is this picture for this post?!)

For me, someone who didn't get a university education or live independently, travel was my way to feel equally as accomplished as friends who were getting degrees. 2015 was definitely my year of travel and finally feeling independent.

I went travelling by myself for the first time
I'm sure everyone is sick of me banging on about this but it's such a milestone for me and something I'm super proud of. Visiting 4 different countries, being away for that long, knowing I'd paid for every single thing myself. Flights, visas, spending money. It was all me and that is one of the best feelings. 

I volunteered with kids in Thailand
I have always been eager to volunteer abroad and knew teaching was one of the best options for me so I got my TEFL certificate and hopped on over to Thailand. It was only for a short period of time but it was great getting out there and seeing how many people teach English abroad and love it. The kids are some of the most amazing children I've ever met (I've worked in a London nursery and it's amazing to see the difference)

I made life long friends
You know when you meet someone new and you instantly click and suddenly it feels like you've been close friends for years. I don't know if it was just the people or if travelling brings you closer to the ones you're with but I'm so lucky to have come home with really great friends who I still see.

I landed an internship in Fashion PR
Whilst I only did it for a month, I was so happy after weeks of applying to finally hear back from a company who wanted me. It was a confidence boost to know that you can still climb your way into the field without a degree and now I have experience on my CV, who knows what other doors will open for me.

I quit my job and went on an Australian road trip
I mean, I only worked in retail and quitting isn't a big deal but now I'm home from another two months of travel and feel as though I'm back to the beginning. It's a scary thing leaving your only source of income and sense of security but now I have the choice to do anything I want and that's super exciting.

And here we are entering 2016. It's only January and I've managed to travel to 3 continents already. Hopefully a sign of how the rest of the year will pan out. Don't be afraid to chase your dreams, live the adventure and always appreciate every moment of your crazy journey. 

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