5 October 2016


One of my favourite memories is seeing my mum in the driver seat and my sister up front with a map in hand. My mum has driven us through the UK, Ireland, Italy, America and most recently, Australia. It's amazing to have the freedom to hop in your car and go wherever you fancy.

Since getting a car of my own, I have been eager to explore parts of the UK since there is so much to see here but it's so easy to forget the beauty of home. I have decided to use this road trip knowledge to put together a few tips on how to plan yours around the UK. These can obviously be put to use to any road trips across the world too!

1. Brainstorm where you'd like to visit. The UK has so many places to offer with beautiful scenery and interesting history. Figuring out a basic route is probably the best way to start. As much fun as it can be to wing it, you don't want to end up wasting petrol heading down motorways with nothing much to see. 

2. A good old Bed & Breakfast is probably the most British place to stay during your road trip. It's so nice to book a room in a lovely little place. It's often much cosier than a hotel, you get much more character and you'll get a chance to chat to the owners over breakfast. It's so much nicer having a personal experience and the owners will be locals of the area, so you're sure to get some good tips on what do see.

3. Don't be afraid to go off-route! The beauty of road trips is the freedom. You might be on your way to a certain place but see a gorgeous field that you have the urge to run through and picnic in - so why the hell not?!

Good routes to start with: 
Southern Seasides:
Isle of Wight - Bournemouth - Newquay
A few of the lovelier seasides England has to offer, less pebble beach and more sand. I've heard good things about Isle of Wight, been to Bournemouth and loved it and really can't wait to get myself to Newquay and it's famous for it's surfing too!

English History:
Oxford - Bath - Stonehenge 
If you're into seeing the more historic side to England, maybe check out these spots, offering you up some gorgeous scenery as well as towns drowned in history and stunning old British architecture.

Venturing up North: 
Nottingham - Yorkshire - Lake District
I love Nottingham, it has the castle, the Sherwood forest and a lovely town centre. Take it further up North into lovely green Yorkshire, checking out the dales and enjoy listening to the cows mooing away while you try to sleep and finally the stunning Lake District. Google pictures to see just how amazing the UK countrysides really are!

UK motorways are so easy to follow, just be aware of the rules of the road and you'll get on fine. The signs are so clear and simple to follow - I made my way from London to Bournemouth just by following the signs and I surprised myself at how straightforward it was. Lastly, have fun! Don't argue with your passengers if you get lost - just go with the flow and you'll have a blast.


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