1 September 2016


Apologies for the overload of photos but I am super excited to show off these Chanel babies. It was an insane splurge but not impulsive, for once. I had my eye on these for months and months but had never actually seen them in store, so when I saw them abroad, I thought I'd nab them! It was straight after Christmas, so with the extra work bonus money I had saved, it was really a Christmas present from me to me. It's taken me this long to wear them, as I've been a bit too scared to go anywhere with them, in fear I'll get shoe jacked (paha! I know how it sounds but it's a worry factor) and the weather hasn't been too permitting. However, here they are. Happy Sasha is happy - so chuffed to have my very own first ever Chanel purchase!

sunglasses: the little deer; shirt: mango; shorts: levis via rokit vintage; bag: h&m; shoes: chanel

Edit: I actually went on to sell these after realising how pretentious I felt walking around East London in a pair of Chanel espadrilles. It turns out, I don't feel very 'me' wearing designer gear. I guess I'd rather spend that money on a plane ticket! 

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  1. I love this outfit! Those sunglasses are seriously amazing :)



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