9 September 2016


Get wet and wild at a pool party
Aim to try and find a promoter who will give you free entry (you'll need to save money every possible way you can here) and it will be one of the best things. There's nothing more fun than daytime drinking in the sunshine with a good vibe and great music. I highly recommend Daylight at Mandalay Bay.

Marvel at the Bellagio Fountains
It's a little cheesy but it's a must do when you're here! The show happens every half hour during the day and after 8pm they're every 15 minutes.

Explore the infamous strip 
It's so much fun walking down the boulevard and seeing everything lit up and buzzing by night. You won't be able to do this during the day since it's just too scorching hot - We attempted this and only made it to the next hotel before we died. 

Watch a show! 
Strip or regular - it's up to you! There are so many to choose from and as we were feeling a bit crazy, we decided to go for the Thunder Down Under show ;) 

Gamble away!
Every hotel has its own casino (they even had them in the airport!) so it's pretty hard to resist - we found ourselves in there at 4am where I won $40! It was only on the slot machines and I totally lost it 5 minutes later at black jack...it's all part of the fun, right?

Pretend you're in Venice at the Venetian Hotel
It's so easy to get lost in this hotel but it is stunning and is home to the famous Tao nightclub as well as the gondola rides through the hotel. The architecture, the costumes - you would forget you're in Vegas...

Blow all of your money on jumbo size cocktails
It's pretty easy to blow your money out here but this extra large mojito cost us $35 and it was a pretty sweet deal. 

Hit up the famous clubs
It kinda goes without saying, right? 

Check out Freemont/Old Town
It's pretty quirky and you'll see some odd street performers down here plus they have a light show every evening, which is pretty cool to watch. 

Cure your hangovers by the pool & stuffing your face!
We spent a lot of our time recovering by the pool with hooters, popeyes or ihop leftovers in hand! It was a beautiful time. 

Catch some rayssssss
It gets far too hot in Vegas, being in the desert and all, so make sure to relax and cool down by the pool at any given chance.

Everything is bigger and better in Vegas and call me tacky but me and the bestie loved it so much, we've just booked another trip there. 
Bring on Vegas 2017!!!

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