30 September 2016


Greenwich & Cutty Sark
Home to Greenwich University, The Maritime Museum and The Royal Observatory - oh and that famous ship, Cutty Sark. Greenwich Market and the surrounding area is one of my favourite places for a day out. There's loads to do here, an amazing selection of food (street food is my favourite!) and it's beautiful for scenery. Head to Cutty Sark for gorgeous views of the London skyline and river, the Observatory provides lovely panoramic views of London and Greenwich Park is a wonderful green space to totally relax.

24 September 2016


Surely this photo is enough to make you want to hop on a ferry to Gozo, right? If you need a little bit more convincing, keep reading...

We stayed at the San Andrea Hotel, which is in the area of Xlendi. I think it was an ideal spot, since the hotel overlooks the gorgeous beach, you have amazing sunset views and it's close to everything you need. We went for a lovely meal at a place called Stone Crab, which was less than a 5 minute walk from the hotel and naturally, they served great, fresh seafood plus with a view like this...

Gozo is definitely a great place for the adventurous type; with jet skiing, cliff jumping, quad biking and segway tours on offer, you'll never be bored. Be aware though that activities tend to end at 5pm and since we arrived late, we barely managed to find someone to do a sunset activity for us. We missed the chance to go quad biking, as we arrived in too late, however, we saw some guys on segways rolling around who offered to take us on a quick little tour to Sanap Cliffs. Probably the highlight of the trip, as we got to segway to the top of the cliffs, enjoying breathtaking views at sunset. If you ever get the chance, hire a segway - it's super fun and a fun way to get around if you're feeling a bit lazy. Shoutout to our tour guide, Kevin (from Gozo Segway Tours), who took us on a great tour and kept us laughing the whole time! 

It was mind blowing. Since the tour guide was technically finished for the day, it was just us two on the trip, making for a really personal adventure. Gozo is also perfect for hikes, it's quite hilly and green, making for gorgeous scenic walks, if you're into a calmer type of exploring. 

And finally, the nightlife is pretty sweet. Head to La Grotta, which is basically a club inside a cave - can it get any cooler? It's so underrated and I cannot wait to get myself back to Gozo one day! 

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21 September 2016


I consider myself an introvert. I don't have tonnes of friends, don't go out socialising very often and am actually very comfortable in my own company. I've always been the quiet one, seemingly shy and will often pick a night in over a night out. So, I shocked myself by finally biting the bullet and booking a two month trip to South East Asia. Alone. As much as I wanted to go with one of my friends, sisters or my boyfriend, school, work or money kept on getting in the way. I thought to myself that I just have to do this now otherwise I'll never do it in hopes of the chance that someone might one day be able to go. 
A week before I'm due to leave, I've finally got myself a backpack and filled it with so many clothes that I won't use, and I'm overwhelmed by a terrifying mix of emotions ranging from utter excitement to gut wrenching anxiety in an instant. Will I make friends? Is two months too long? Will I get sick of being with people everyday?

18 September 2016


My friend Annie invited me out to Malta with her in April and perfect timing really, as with no further plans as college was coming to a finish, I couldn't wait to get some sun, sea and sand to escape the stress of growing up! 
We flew out for 10 days and stayed in a beautiful villa set up for us by her dad + his girlfriend. So grateful to have such a lovely place to stay in such a great location. We were situated in St. Julians, which is a perfect area for dining in quaint cafes overlooking the bay.

15 September 2016


The unexpected warm weather meant I got to drag my sister across town to Chelsea. I had discovered this cute outdoor noodle bar last time I was here but didn't get the chance to go. It's located on Sydney St. just off Kings Road and is down the steps in a little courtyard surrounded by shrubbery and fairy lights. Too cute for words. It's a Vietnamese Pho noodle bar called Phat Phuc (say it aloud and see if you're as immature as I am), which actually translates to Happy Buddha.

13 September 2016


I decided to wear all black, not realising how warm it would become. Knowing I was going for food, I opted for dark clothing, predicting it would get messy eating noodle soup. I threw on this old season Topshop blazer decorated with skulls and some black distressed jeans from Mango. I thought I'd attempt to add a splash of colour by adding these mirror reflective sunglasses from Quay Eyewear, which have a pink/green tint to them. I never used to like mirrored sunglasses but I can't get enough of them now.

9 September 2016


Get wet and wild at a pool party
Aim to try and find a promoter who will give you free entry (you'll need to save money every possible way you can here) and it will be one of the best things. There's nothing more fun than daytime drinking in the sunshine with a good vibe and great music. I highly recommend Daylight at Mandalay Bay.

6 September 2016


This outfit is one of my favourite outfits that I wore in Malta and as the sun comes out in London, I thought I'd throw on these pyjama-like shorts and bare my legs. I really like it with the anklet, which I got from Malaysia last year and now refuse to take off, as it adds a little summin' summin' to every outfit. 

4 September 2016


The Big Apple

Being to New York a few times already, I felt like I'd conquered most of the touristy things to do so this visit was to just enjoy the city in all it's greatness. However, this visit to New York left me with a sour taste in my mouth...We arrived into NY at around 8.30pm not arriving at the hotel until 10.30ish after opting for the much cheaper option of getting a shuttle bus rather than cab. Despite how uncomfortable that bed was and how much noise you could surprisingly hear from the 10th floor, I fell right asleep. Our first night was a rocky one, what with rude bus drivers and a creepy hotel choice but the next day we welcomed New York with open arms.

We spent our time shopping around Times Square before making an evening trip to Brooklyn; it was a shame that we weren't there for the weekend, as I had really wanted to check out the famous flea market, however, we still enjoyed the beautiful views of the sunset over the Manhattan skyline. 

The next day was spent predominantly in and around Central Park - we rented row boats and we even found a family of turtles in the lake! It was amazing and I'm so glad I finally got to explore Central Park, as it's something I'd never really done. We met up later that evening with my sisters who were also in New York and had dinner at Red Lobster, where everything we ordered was delicious and I'm not even a huge seafood fan. 

I had a lovely trip this time but won't really be in much of a hurry to visit New York any time soon. I was glad to be surrounded with good company but generally, (and to quote the Kardashians) I'm like, totally over it. 


1 September 2016


Apologies for the overload of photos but I am super excited to show off these Chanel babies. It was an insane splurge but not impulsive, for once. I had my eye on these for months and months but had never actually seen them in store, so when I saw them abroad, I thought I'd nab them! It was straight after Christmas, so with the extra work bonus money I had saved, it was really a Christmas present from me to me. It's taken me this long to wear them, as I've been a bit too scared to go anywhere with them, in fear I'll get shoe jacked (paha! I know how it sounds but it's a worry factor) and the weather hasn't been too permitting. However, here they are. Happy Sasha is happy - so chuffed to have my very own first ever Chanel purchase!
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