23 October 2016


I wish I had much more time to spend in Bali but I just had under a week - spending half my time in Ubud and the other half on Gili Trawangan. I think I managed to make the most of my time here but I know I'll be coming back one day. This place had me in love from the moment I got off the plane. Here are just a few of the reasons why Bali has my heart.
The Islands
Techinally, these islands are a part of Lombok and not Bali but they still needed a mention. Gili Trawangan and surrounding areas are absolutely stunning. Not only is the water some of the clear/bluest I've ever seen - the people here are amazing, as is the food. On Gili T, you can head to the buffet market, where you choose a piece of fresh fish, which they grill for you and serve with a selection of sides. Delicious!

The Gorgeous Scenery

Everywhere you go in Bali will have you mesmerised. The endless rice fields and lush green landscapes. It's one of those places, where you can spend a day wandering around and exploring but you can still feel so relaxed. 

Tanah Lot Temple

Visiting here was one of my favourite days in Ubud. Tanah Lot is the temple in the sea and the view here is stunning. Walk through the sea over to the temple and drink the holy water whilst the waves crash against it. During high tide the temple becomes submerged in water and looks like it's floating, which I would have loved to have seen too. I also got an amazing piece of artwork from one of the many stalls here. A massive piece at a massive bargain. (I still have to put it up in my room and will show a picture once I have found a frame big enough)

Tegalalang Rice Fields

I was really looking forward to the rice fields and Tegalalang is one of the famous terraces. It was so pretty and they have some really good shops and market stalls in the surrounding area too. I was in awe at the gorgeous patterns the fields created and even in the rain it still looked amazing. 

The Culture

I love walking around temples, there's something so calming about it. All the amazing temples and architecture in Bali is enlightening. You will literally be stuck in a busy traffic jam but in the middle of the roundabout is a huge structure of Hanuman, one of the many Hindu Gods. It's wonderful to see these bits of culture all around you. 

One thing we should have done was go to the Monkey Forest and so gutted that we didn't especially as our hotel was right next to it. It's so easy for time to escape you and there's so much to do. Ubud has a great market, cheap massages and so many more temples that I would have loved to see. There's also Mt. Kintimani, which is a two hour drive from Ubud. I would have also loved to visit the sister island Lombok, which is meant to be equally beautiful. Really, 6 days is just not enough! 

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