18 December 2016


Of course I had to do a post all about the food in Tokyo, for me, it does influence my feelings on a place and Japan was definitely interesting in terms of food. Chefs tend to rave about Japan and I once read it was a foodie's heaven but I can't say I agreed much! This mostly goes back to the language barrier and we generally ended up winging it when picking food. I should have learnt way more phrases so I at least knew what I was ordering! I'm not a big fan of sushi, seafood or anything with seaweed, which alone makes it really hard to find food but managed to hunt down a few familiar things that we enjoyed.
Udon Noodles & Tempura
I love anything deep fried and enjoy a good noodle dish so udon and tempura shrimp was a go to meal for me out there. It's so simple yet satisfying! If you're quite a fuss pot like me, this would be great for you. A delicious broth, slurpy noodles and some gorgeous crispy tempura is the perfect combination! 

Oh my goodness. Can you feel my excitement about these? These little dumplings of happiness. They became our best friend out there and I've been on the hunt for some as good as the ones from this place in Shinjuku called Osaka Osho. They are a pan fried dumpling, filled with anything from pork or veggies and they were a Godsend. Yum. Yum. Yum! 

These are soft, steamed buns with a filling ranging from pork, vegetable or beef. They are warm, pillowy and often sold as street foods (or found in a convenience store) and ideal for a chilly day! This was my go to snack - it was so yummy to have on the go and perfect for me to carry around in case I didn't like the food later. 

It sounds strange to be recommending a crisp cafe but when in Tokyo...These were so delicious! Calbee is sold in supermarkets as regular crisps but the cafe offers you freshly made, warm crisps served in a tub with a choice of having them plain, with cheese or chocolate! Yep, it sounds totally vile but the salty, sweet combination was surprisingly heavenly. 

And finally, the staples of Japanese cuisine - having sushi and sashimi in Japan and getting fresh sushi off the conveyor belt was a really good experience. The chefs were slicing away and as gross as it sounds watching a fish get cut open, you feel how fresh your food is. Again, I felt limited because I only enjoy nigiri (the seaweed-less option) and felt like I was missing out.

There are plenty of places to eat wherever you find yourself in Tokyo and there are some very fun, quirky cafes, which we didn't get a chance to go to, such as the Robot Restaurant and Hello Kitty Cafe. But we did discover Katsu Curry out there, which is breadcrumbed chicken or pork smothered in curry sauce - yum! You'll get along just fine if you're not such a fussy eater like myself but will definitely struggle to find vegetarian or pork free meals so make sure to pick up some phrases before you go!

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