9 December 2016


How tubing will become the best day ever!
I hadn't heard about Laos much before I travelled there but whenever I mentioned it to people, I'd always hear - you must go tubing! Whatever that was...I didn't have a clue what it was but suddenly we were in Laos and it was the most fab place and tubing has now become one of my most favourite days ever! 

If you're still wondering what tubing is - when in Vang Vieng, you can go and hire a rubber tube, which you sit in and float down the river. There are bars on either side of the river and when you want to stop and grab a drink, you wave at them and they throw a rope out to you and pull you in. It's all as mad as it sounds. 

It's the perfect bar crawl, with the bonus of being on a river surrounded by green mountains and lush landscapes. The vibe is amazing wherever you go and each place has it's own style, so be sure to find the one that suits you the most. On the day that we went, it actually started raining really heavily and it sounds like it would ruin our day but it actually made it 100x better! It was so much fun sliding around in the wet mud and dancing in the rain and tubing is just generally the best excuse to get messy and silly! 

Top Tips:
  • Make sure you remember to pick up your dingy after every bar - you'll need to return it to get your deposit back (you pay about $7 for the whole day including the tuk tuk to the river but will need another $7 as a deposit, which you get back upon return of your dingy) 
  • Dress in as little as possible - you will most likely leave behind a lot if you're anything like me. I couldn't be bothered to haul around my flip flops and my dress became so heavy when wet. Keep it lightweight!
  • Get a waterproof case for your phone or a waterproof bag if you decide to bring a few things with you. 
  • Don't forget to save money for your taxi back home! We spent about half an hour arguing with the drivers as we had planned to pay them with the return of our deposit but understandably, they want to see the cash. 

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  1. That sounds incredible! I'd never heard of tubing but it sounds like you had an incredible time and looks like such a brilliant and hilarious idea!! Definitely on my bucket list!



    1. It really was the best day ever - I can't express how amazing Laos is! Deffo a must add to the bucket list! I want to go back sooo much! Btw your blog is adorbs! xx


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