22 April 2017


In celebration of Earth Day, I wanted to share my top five places that I've visited with the most unreal natural, earthly vibes! I always feel so relaxed in a more organic environment, whether I'm in the sea, a national park or rice paddies, I love being immersed in this world! Being in London, or any big city, can really make you forget about bringing yourself back to nature and realising what's important in life, so it's great to reflect on these moments. 

Cape Town, South Africa
Everything about my trip to Cape Town was filled with constant moments of marvelling at this wonderful Earth. From sitting in a vineyard surrounded by fireflies, to seeing monkeys perched on a cliff, to experiencing a safari through African plains and finally heading up to Table Mountain. It was a magical trip.

The Outer Great Barrier Reef, Australia
I've never seen anything like The Great Barrier Reef and most sights in Oz were equally as spectacular. It was definitely one of those moments where you arrive somewhere that you think will be totally overrated considering it's one of the Great Wonders of the World but it definitely lives up to it's name. The waters were stunning - just look at those shades of blue. Whitehaven beach was also a total highlight for me and highly recommend anyone visiting Australia to visit!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
What amazes me about Rio the most is how fabulously it combines city life, beach life and rainforest life all in one place. The Tijuca National Park is actually located in the gorgeous city of Rio and is the world's largest urban rainforest - how awesome is that? We went sloth spotting here and even though we didn't find any, we saw loads of exotic birds and other quirky creatures. We went for a walk in the Jardim de Botanico and although a botanical garden doesn't sound necessarily exciting - it is wonderful!

Luang Prabang, Laos
Laos is somewhere that I have become obsessed with since visiting. When people ask me what there is to see here, I always say - the scenery. Kuang Si Waterfalls were some of the most beautiful waterfalls I've seen, enjoying a bowl of Laab and Beer Lao overlooking the Mekong. It's magical. 

Ubud, Indonesia
Ubud has definitely become a place that has won my heart. It is surreal to be in such a stunning place. From the beaches, lush jungle landscapes, white water rafting between mountains, to watch the sun rise over rice paddies with Mt. Batur in the background - you'll never find somewhere else so peaceful. 

 Have you guys been to any magical, earthly places?

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