Blogging about all of my amazing South East Asia adventures has me reminiscing about my first solo backpacking adventure with G Adventures. I definitely talk about it way too much but it was such a life changing experience and one of the best times of my life, so I'm going to talk about it a little bit more...As you may or may not know, when I say solo, I mean, I went by myself and joined onto a group tour. Even if it was with a group, it was still very daunting heading across the globe by myself meeting a group of strangers that I would then spend a whole month with. 
Who are they?
They are a tour company specialising in adventure travel and provide tours that accommodate to all travel styles with a group CEO on hand at all times to help you get through the trip. All with the freedom and flexibility to do your own thang.

Travel styles? 
G Adventures offer a selection of travel styles to suit your budget and energy levels. 
Yolo - fun filled, action packed adventures for 18-39 year olds
Classic - a slightly less yolo-y vibe, packed with culture and must see spots
Active - for the sportier type (basically not me) who enjoy a good old hike, cycle or kayak
Family - because having kids shouldn't stop you from experiencing adventure travel
Local Living - a much more intimate experience with the country - you'll get insiders access
Rail/Marine - explore new places by taking scenic train routes or cruises

Which tour did I do? 

The Incochina Discovery
This tour was a 'yolo' tour and covered Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos in the space of 31 days. For £1599 I had my accommodation for the month and all transfers between countries with most breakfasts and a few other meals included.

The Itinerary
I have to stress how much freedom you do get with these tours. There is a set overall plan - for example, you have a certain amount of days to spend in one place and collectively move on to the next, mostly in private buses, which is quite nice. However, once you get to that location, you can choose to do whatever you wish - you aren't forced to mingle with the group and do the activities they want. If there is a group plan to go to a certain temple or sight you don't want to go to, you absolutely don't have to. And we definitely had a few days where we all split up and got on with our own thing. I think that's the beauty of a trip like this - everything is sorted out for you and you don't really have to worry about the logistics and stressy bits like where you're going to stay since it's all organised and you just get to enjoy completely.

The Accomodation
As this was a 'yolo' tour, the accomodation was pretty basic but that's not to say it was awful. I never walked into any of our rooms and felt disappointed with what I saw. Everywhere we went was clean, with enough space and quite a few even had pools! When choosing this tour, I noticed there was a similar one on offer called Indochina Adventure by another tour group, which covers the exact same route, however, this one costs almost a grand more. When speaking to my travel expert, they told me this was because it includes 5 more flights rather than bus travel and the hotels are a little nicer. In all honesty, upgrading is not worth it at all. The accommodation and transport of Indochina Discovery is all you need and more. We even had a couple of nights in a homestay, which was so much fun and a great experience. We ended our trip with a great group dinner, where Steve joined us for drinks and our final night together! I had the best time and couldn't recommend this tour more for first timers who want to get a peek into South East Asia.

Final Feelings
It definitely seems like a lot of money and you will be able to do this same itinerary yourself for a fraction of the price but as it was my first trip alone, I didn't really want to go by myself. And I'm glad I didn't. My group were so amazing! It started off with around 20 of us but some people had booked on for only half the tour and left in Vietnam and the last two weeks were only 11 of us and it was soo nice! We'd all become really good friends and had a really fun set of people.

With their tours, you also have a CEO with you who organises everything, from the buses and trains, day trips and meals. Our group leader, Steve, was an Aussie guy who had been living in Bangkok and he was wonderful! He was helpful, he recommended places to eat/drink, things to do/see and even came out on a few nights out with us. He really took care of us and I can't fault him at all.

If you want to check out a bit more about this tour and G Adventures, head to their website for more!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this and if you have any more questions about adventure travel, first time travel or jetting off solo, feel free to drop me an email!


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