Now that we're in the full autumn swing, days are getting colder, nights are getting longer and everyone seems to be missing summer. But don't forget all the best bits of autumn - the fuzzy socks, the satisfaction of a warm cup of hot choccie in your hands, the crackling of the fireplace - it's the perfect season to get your glamp on! 

What is Glamping?

Ever wanted to dabble in the world of camping? Does enjoying a break in the good outdoors appeal to you but the idea of setting up a tent and a compost toilet totally freak you out? This is where glamping comes in: 'a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.' Sounds dreamy, right? 

The city girl in me was brimming with excitement when we discovered magical looking lodges at a place called North Star in Yorkshire. Their website enticed us with their wintery photos and a selection of wonderful little cabins.

We opted for glamping in Yorkshire after finding a good deal online and the journey getting there was half the adventure. By the time we arrived, it was dark and there were no visible signs directing us towards our cabin. Spending an hour driving through pitch black woods felt like something from a horror film but once we finally found the cabin, it felt like we had stepped into a 5 star lodge. The bathroom was out of this world, furry blankets lined our beds and sofa and there was a lovely little fireplace inside to keep the bedroom warm. The next morning, we actually got to see our surroundings properly. We had a little porch where we sat and ate breakfast overlooking the peaceful woods where peacocks came and greeted us. It was great and after exploring the surrounding town, we came back to enjoy none other than a campfire. We grabbed a bottle of wine and a big bag of marshmallows (which were left in the room for us by the owners) and got the fire going under a sky full of stars. It was beautiful and one of my favourite nights ever. 

There was a shared cabin called The Woodshed, which was a communal living area filled with an amazing array of teas (I'm a bit of a tea geek so this was super exciting), coffees and hot chocolates and it was a wonderful little room if you felt the need for a bit of scenery change from your room. They had a dining table, where every day there would be some fresh baked goods on the table, such as brownies and a large sofa area, kitted out with more furry blankets and magazines by the fireplace for a warming evening indoors. Everything about this weekend was honestly so great. I had no signal the whole weekend and it was so good to step away from my phone and wifi and just enjoy the company I had and the brisk, fresh air - it's so easy to forget to enjoy things like this and would really recommend glamping to anyone! It's so perfect at this time of year now; it really is fitting for the Autumn season. 

It was wonderful waking up to the sound of cows mooing in the dales and as well as Yorkshire town being a fun day out, skip on over to Knaresborough, where you will get the best fish and chips ever - no exaggeration.

I definitely recommend taking a little glamping trip, especially at this time of year. It's a perfect way to get into the Autumn feels.


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