Six days sounds like hardly any time at all to explore an new country and yet you'll astound yourself with all of the temples, the pagodas, the museums and the beaches that you'll be able to see whilst in Cambodia. Whether you're on a tight schedule, are low on money and need to shorten your stay or can't get extra holiday from work, pack your trip full with activities and be wowed at how much you can squeeze into such a short time frame.

Siem Reap
Being on shoestring budget and tight for time doesn't sound like the best combination when travelling but giving yourself 2 days in each location is a good place to start. Begin your Cambodian journey in Siem Reap, which will be a lovely welcome into the country. Opt for a hotel nestled in the quaint area of Ta Phul; a short walk from central market and pub street; you'll find the area lined with lovely restaurants and women selling fresh fruit juice along the road. Wonderful little town for wandering around and enjoying the town for what it is. Of course, there's the magnificent Angkor Wat to see and although it's generally the main highlight of Cambodia, for me it was Ta Prohm, "the tomb raider temple" that won my heart. I managed to see both of these well before midday, leaving plenty of time to see all the other amazing sights Siem Reap has to offer in the afternoon. After lunch, I chose to head to Angkor Thom and Bayon. The architecture of everything in Cambodia is just incredible.

Phnom Penh 
Be wary that Pnomh Penh will be a loud, bustling city, which at times can feel a bit seedy, however, it holds an incredible history that many don't know of and will end up being a complete emotional, learning experience. Whilst the Silver Pagoda and Royal Palace offer an aesthetic history lesson, the S21 Museum and Killing Fields were morbid and filled with stories of immeasurable pain and suffering. To think that a whole genocide took place here in the last 40 years was so eye-opening. Prepare for an intense time in Phnom Penh.
However, we were also lucky enough to be taken to the home of our tour guide that day, whose family all came together to cook us a traditional Khmer meal. It was magical! The power actually cut out 5 minutes after being there but his family were so quick to light up the room with candles and we stuffed our faces on an amazing feast of spring rolls, noodles, pork stir frys and coconutty fish amok. 

A much needed beach retreat was needed after such a dark few days in Phnom Penh and it was great arriving to a white sand beach with water so clear and warm. We spent hours there, drinking coconut water and eating fresh spring rolls before an evening barbecue on the beach. Of course we tested out the nightlife and the restaurants we dined in soon became a place to order buckets and beer towers. There's something so great about drinking by the beach - it was so chilled out, drinking beers in the sand with good company. The next day we chose to go snorkelling and after another beachside barbecue on a much more secluded beach. The vendors can get a little pushy and overwhelming here, so don't give too much eye contact and let them move on swiftly. 

It was a short lived trip in Cambodia but memorable, wonderful and I can't wait to one day return to this stunning place. 


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