It doesn't sound too appealing to head to Southeast Asia during rainy season, does it? But it's not all wet shoes and cancelled beach days. Rainy season differs a little bit between countries but the general 'wet season' is roughly from May - October. Check out why you should reconsider a trip to Southeast Asia during this time.
It's less crowded.
It's so much better being able to freely wander temples and take great landscape shots without huge hordes of people crowding the scenery. It really ruins the atmosphere when you can't actually enjoy the scenery, so without the high season crowds you can enjoy them in peace.

It's way cheaper.
Flights and accommodation prices will be significantly lower travelling during off peak seasons. A huge bonus. Not to mention how empty flights can be...a row to myself, don't mind if I do...

It doesn't actually rain 24/7
Whilst it was mostly sunny, there were a few days of heavy rain but even these were short lived. You can expect huge burst of rain at around the same time of day (usually afternoon) but as soon as it clears, it's bright, blue skies. Plus, with that tropical weather, the rainfall is actually so refreshing you sometimes look forward to it.

Smaller group tours. 
If you're travelling with a tour, you will more likely be in a much smaller group than travelling during peak times. This makes for a much more intimate experience, allowing you to really get to know the few you're with. I spent a month with just 3 other girls in my group and we shared a lot of time together and became super close in a short space of time, which was nice, compared to the huge group of 20 that started their travels the month after ours. 

The rain can actually be fun (sometimes)
I'm not saying rain is better than warm sun when you're trying to sunbathe on a beach and it's definitely the last thing you want to happen whilst you're sitting in Laos, sat in a rubber dingy floating down a river but actually, once we were there and the rain starting falling, it kind of made the day a million times better. Dancing in the thunderstorm surrounded by mountains was such a great experience and slipping and sliding on wet mud = tonnes of fun. 

And, well, look how pretty the rain can be...


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